Jill (takingtheblade) wrote in weird_nj,

Picture Usage

Hey, just wanted to rant for a moment about some Weird NJ-related pictures. There's this site, abandonedbutnotforgotten.com which I really love. It helps me find a lot of places and has opened my eyes up to a lot of lesser-known sites. Anyway, so I post my pictures here and on my Weird NJ forum whenever I visit a site. Turns out the guy who runs Abandoned But Not Forgotten used my pictures of the McCoy house on his site. While normally I'd have no problem with it, he just put it up without asking my permission or even mentioning it to me. I had absolutely no idea until I checked the site out of boredom. I'm afraid he won't answer my e-mails as he didn't respond to my one about the Lakawanna Dorms being torn down. Ugh. You can even see part of my friend in one of the pics! XP

The site: http://www.abandonedbutnotforgotten.com/mccoy_house_night_pictures.htm

My pictures: http://good-times.webshots.com/album/558948007AgpiQX
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