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Paulinskill Viaduct

Hello everyone!

Yesterday I made my first trip to the Paulinskill Viaduct. When you start driving/walking down the road towards it and you see it peaking over the trees...ahhh. Its a beautiful site. Climbing up took a lot out of me on such a hot day, though. When we finally reached the top, I was too chicken to go down into those holes. I mean, I'd go down into the first one, but climbing down those rungs backwards kind of freaked me out. So after going back down, we realized that there might be a much easier way to get inside the bridge. On one side there was a big log which you could climb up into the bridge. I was glad to see the inside. It was VERY cool there despite the heat. The temperature change was strange but great when you've been outside for so long.

I watched a video awhile back of a few people going through Paulinskill. It made it seem like when you went in-between parts of the bridge between boards, it was a very long drop. Turns out its only about three feet. When we were finishing up some other people drove up who were in their late 30s/early 40s. They seemed to be there for the same reasons we were, but hung around in the street a lot. If they're anyone on this board, hi! Anyway, afterwards we went down to the river to see the grave. I was pretty upset to see that the painting of the fish had been tampered with by kids. They drew teeth on the fish and crossed it out, etc. Not only was it commemorating someone's grave, but it really was a beautiful painting. I'm sad to see someone wrecked it.

I'd recommend visiting the place before someone decides to start using it again. Its very colorful and the scenery is beautiful.

Pictures: http://good-times.webshots.com/album/559212808lcGFgk
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