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hey guys. i am a college student who lives in wyckoff and summer break doesn't officially start for me until i see the midnight walker cross russell ave. however, i heard a rumor that he recently passed away. can any bergen county-ites in the area confirm or deny this? thanks.


has anyone ever taken the train to philly when it was light out? i rode with my boyfriend a bunch times from atlantic city and only twice it was light out. we barely spoke because i was so intrigued of the view. there are backyards/junkyards full of old rusty shit. it is hard to tell which they are because there are so many of both. i cannot understand what drives these people to keep this crap in their back yard. what purpose does it serve? 'oh you crashed your car? throw it in my backyard!' oh you have an extra bicycle tire rim? throw it in my backyard!' for what?!
its actually quite amusing trying to picture the people and their personalities that live in these houses.

let me know if you enjoy the scenic train ride as much as i do!
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swimming pool

anyone know of any outdoor, lit pools located in / around the philly / suburbs / south jersey area? public, private, whichever- i don't need to swim in it- just take a photo of it at night. willing to drive up to an hour away. must actually contain water.

(this would be a huge help to me- thanks in advance!)
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Hi, I'm new :)

Me and some friends were planning on doing a Weird NJ trip sometime soon and we really don't know where to go. Any recommendations for the Ocean County area? And if so, an address or directions please :D
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The Handmade Faire - This Sunday

The Handmade Faire is THIS SUNDAY! On the once abandoned grounds of The Lighthouse Camp for the Blind in Waretown, NJ. Normally the site is off limits to non members, but we are opening the doors to the public this Sunday for the Handmade Faire - come check out the Faire and explore the grounds!
Not all rooms will be open to the public, but a good portion of it will be!


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The Handmade Faire

Hey -

Before this gets deleted as a promo for the Handmade Faire - I do have just reason to post it here! It is on the grounds of the former Lighthouse Camp for the Blind in Waretown NJ, which went abandoned for a few years and then was bought by the state, and now is a members only private land and many buildings. Not all buildings will be open to the public this day, but it's still a great opportunity to check out the premises, as well as shop some really great local artists from NJ!

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